It seems as if the world changes at a faster pace every year and the responsibilities of productively integrating the newest technologies and the ever-expanding globalization into our daily lives become weightier. In times of uncertainty, we seek an assurance that our choices and actions will help to make our futures more secure. For this, the core question we all must answer is: How do we face all of the challenges of a changing world? And, to me, the answer is: Consistent values. Today, the guiding principles that Loretto Academy has traditionally instilled—Faith, Community, Justice, and Respect—are more important than ever.

The Board of Trustees of Loretto Academy comes together to apply these values to not only the edification of our students but to the community at large. We have been blessed with the living example of Sr. Buffy’s consistent application of Loretto’s values – specifically, through her work with the Trustees on the Chapel renovations, in promoting and supporting the needs of our teachers and staff, in establishing effective STEM education and extracurricular activities, and in partnering with the Challenge Foundation.

As we all face the reality of fewer priests and nuns, and an increasing number of laity, we must carefully consider our individual (and collective) responsibility of passing on our core values to the next generation of students. One of the proudest achievements of our Trustees is that every Loretto student – every student – receives tuition assistance. No family is burdened with the full cost of educating their child in the Loretto tradition, and we are dedicated to continuing this benefit in the years to come. One of the best ways for the collective Loretto community to accomplish this is to ensure that our endowment remains healthy and growing.

Like the students, parents, teachers, staff, alumnae, donors, Loretto Community members and the Sisters of Loretto, the Trustees recognize that Loretto’s strongest resource is our tradition. Each of the members of the Board of Trustees carries out her/his duties with the knowledge that We Are Loretto, just as You Are Loretto. So, while facing all of the unknowns, let us remember that we are all capable of creating positive and constructive changes through applying the values of Faith, Justice, Respect, and Community that Loretto has taught us.

2021-2022 Board of Trustees

  • Pat Bodin '71
  • Sr. Mary E. (Buffy) Boesen, SL - Ex-Officio
  • Sr. Rita Bruegenhagen, SL
  • Laura Cavaretta '79
  • Tony Davalos
  • Sylvia Escobar '76
  • Nora Herrera '92
  • Elizabeth Jones '82
  • Margarita Kanavy '56
  • Teresa Luterbach '82
  • Monica Gabrielle Martinez
  • Mercedes Moreno '07
  • Sr. Mary Margaret Murphy, SL
  • Karla Onick
  • Maritza Perez '07
  • Dr. Ruth Glanville Perez '65
  • Hugo Sandoval
  • Sr. Vicki Schwartz, SL
  • Anthony Tomasheski
  • Monica Vargas-Mahar '92
  • Sr. Kathy Wright, SL
  • Melissa Zavaleta '92