A welcome message from our President

Welcome to Loretto Academy, a Catholic school founded in the values of Faith, Community, Justice, and Respect by the Sisters of Loretto in 1923. As members of the Loretto Community, “we desire to educate others as well as ourselves to truth, beauty, and the ways of peace in the spirit of Jesus.” Our faith based, competitive curriculum prepares students for their future, where teambuilding, leadership, and academic skills are essential. We strive to develop well rounded leaders, with a giving and service mentality.

I came to Loretto in 2000 as a one-year interim president, but I stayed because I encountered such vibrant, generous, and exceptional students at Loretto Academy. We are blessed with some of the most hardworking and dedicated students; highlighted in their many accomplishments, from their STEM awards, to their college acceptance and scholarship letters. They bring pride and meaning to all the work we do at Loretto.

Our alumnae continually show that Loretto values are important in their lives. They are community leaders and role models, working for justice and peace; examples of what every Loretto student aspires to be. They carry the love instilled for them while attending Loretto throughout their daily lives, showing continual support for the school that fostered their success.

My prayers continue to be that we, as a community of students, parents, friends, and donors continue to build a promising future for our students. It is together that we can accomplish what we could not do alone, it is together that we can put our energies at the service of each other, and together we pray “Let Loretto be Loretto Forever.”

Sister Mary E. “Buffy” Boesen

President at Loretto Academy