A Welcome Message from our Principal

What a blessing it has been working in the Loretto Academy Middle and High School since 2001.  The Sisters of Loretto established a lasting legacy of educating students in the El Paso area.  The school is housed in a beautiful building designed by famed architect Henry Trost.  The St. Joseph Chapel, which is the heart of the campus, is testament to the Gospels and the values of the Sisters of Loretto; Faith, Community, Justice and Respect.

Due to its location, the school serves students from all over West Texas, Southern New Mexico, and Northern Mexico, providing a very diverse environment. There is a blending of cultures from students, not only from the immediate area, but from all over the world, as students are allowed to enroll on student visas.

The Middle School has a great team of teachers that do a wonderful job of preparing our young women to transition into high school.  Having a rigorous curriculum while stressing good study habits and organization is key to their success.  Their schedule is complemented with an array of electives to begin to stimulate personal interests and goals as they begin to explore careers.

The Loretto Academy High School is a college prep school that prepares students to be able to make choices in their lives when they graduate.  The teachers are certified in their subject areas, including MD and PhDs and numerous master’s degrees in the faculty.  All students graduate and 100 percent are accepted to a college or university. The school is a model for single gender schools as students thrive in a safe closed campus free of the many distractions.  At graduation the graduating classes consistently garner tremendous amounts in, scholarships, financial aid and grants.

Abe Ramirez, M.Ed.

Middle and High School Principal