2017-2018 Total Tuition Cost

Payment Schedules for Education Level Full Payment  (June 1st) Two Payments (June - November) Twelve Payments (June - May)
Middle / High School $7,210.00 $7,310.00 $7,410.00
Grades PK 3 - 5th Grade $6,910.00 $7,010.00 $7,020.00

2017 - 2018 Payment Plans

2017 - 2018 Payment Plans Non Refundable Registration Fee Full Payments June 1st Two Payments (June / November) Twelve Monthly Payments
Middle / High School $375.00 for the first child
$200.00 for each additional child
$7,210.00 $3,655.00 $617.50
Grades PK3 - 5th Grade $375.00 for the first child
$200.00 for each additional child
$6,910.00 $3,505.00 $592.50

The Non-Refundable registration fee is $375 for the 1st student and $200 for each additional student

All families who choose to pay their tuition over the course of the year will be asked to sign up with FACTS, the company that will collect their tuition payments. There is a $48.00 charge for the twelve-payment plan and $10.00 for the semiannual plan. Arrangement for either the twelve-month or semiannual plan, automatic bank withdrawal, will be made at this time. Further information is available in the Business Office.

Any family that has not made a payment on or before June 1st will automatically be charged the two or twelve-month payment plan rate

Additional Fees

  Book Fee

This fee may be included in your tuition payment plan at time of registration, or it will be billed in September

  • All Students $200.00
  Mandatory Fundraiser

This fee may be included in your tuition payment plan at time of registration, or it will be billed in November.

  • Per Family $200.00 in ticket sales
  Middle and High School Activity Card

These fees will range in price depending on the grade and may be included in the tuition payment plan at time of registration, or will be billed in June

MS Activity Card 2017-18.pdf

HS Activity Card 2017-18.pdf

 Other Fees
There may be incidental fees as applicable during the year (i.e. athletics, speech, club activities, etc.)
 Tuition Assistance
A 5% student tuition discount is given to the second and third (or more) siblings in one family. (Loretto Academy employees are not eligible for this discount.)

  •  Application forms for tuition assistance may be picked up at the Business Office during or after registration.
  •  An independent company will evaluate your family's financial situation and recommend the level of assistance we may offer.
  •  Please fill out an online registration form here no later than March 31st.
  •  Notification of tuition assistance will be made by May 12th.