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Does the Elementary School enroll boys?

Yes. The elementary school is co-ed and boys are enrolled in our academy from Pre-K 3 through 5th grade. We also have many co-ed after-school sports and activities.

Where do boys go after Loretto Academy, and do they easily adapt to the new middle school?

Boys typically attend one of the Catholic/private middle schools after 5th grade and become leaders at their new schools.

Is the Pre-K3 program part-day or all-day?

Our Pre-K3 program is an all-day program.

Is enrollment on-going?

Yes. The only grade for which we do not accept students mid-year is the 12th grade.

Does Loretto do sacrament preparation?

Yes. Our second graders are prepared for first reconciliation and first communion.

Do students have to be Catholic to attend your school?

No. Loretto Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, or religion, and is accepting of all cultural backgrounds. Though we are a Catholic school, and we hold student masses and receive the sacrament First Holy Communion in second grade, it is not mandatory for students to participate if they are not of the Catholic faith. We incorporate a rich curriculum of diversity and respect in each grade level.

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes. Financial aid is offered to all of our students. $700,000 in tuition assistance is given out on a personal need basis each year. About 30% of our student body attends Loretto Academy on a financial aid scholarships, and it is often our primary ask in our giving campaigns.

Do your students receive athletic scholarships to university programs?

Yes. We have had several of our students receive full academic and athletic scholarships. They have gone on to Rice University, Our Lady of the Lake, Yale, Eastern New Mexico at Portales, Adams State at Colorado, West Texas A&M, and Odessa College. We compete in TAPPS and in District 1-5A.

Do you have small class sizes?

Yes. Loretto Academy has always held the philosophy that students learn best in small class sizes. Our teachers are able to adapt lessons according to each student.

Are single-gender environments really better learning environments?

Yes. Academic journals have shown that young women develop stronger leadership, public speaking, and independent critical thinking skills best in single-gender, post-secondary academic environments.

Do you offer college credit courses?

Yes. In our all-girls high school, we have AP, Pre-AP, and Honors courses. Many of our students in these classes receive college credit due to their high AP tests scores.

Are your teachers qualified?

Yes. All of our faculty have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and more than half of our teachers have a master’s degree. We also have a J.D. and M.D. on staff.

Is Loretto Academy a boarding school?

No, we do not provide housing. The boarding school closed in 1974.

What safety measures has Loretto Academy put in place to protect students?

All Loretto employees and volunteers are required to be VIRTUS-certified, pass a background check, be vaccinated for COVID-19, and must wear their Loretto ID at all times. Our doors are locked at all times and are monitored by cameras. Individuals must be let into the building and all visitors are required to check in at the school office.

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