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High School Academics

Homero Silva

A Note from the Principal

Loretto Academy is one of the brightest stars in our border region. The work that takes place at school daily emphasizes the importance of a quality education as we prepare for a complex world after high school. Our students understand the power that comes with acquiring a well-rounded education that includes rigorous academics, fine arts, athletics, and a strong network referred to as The Sisterhood. Service Learning helps our students develop an understanding of the importance and empowerment that comes to those who contribute to making our community stronger. This is achieved when we focus our effort on Loretto’s core values of Community, Faith, Justice, and Respect.

We are very intentional as we prepare and plan our daily routines. We are focused on best practices in the classroom and to continuous learning. Loretto Academy is the best place to experience the Magic of Teaching and Learning. We refer to it as the Power of One.

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High School Curriculum
High School Curriculum

Loretto Academy recognizes that high school students are searching for a career path that matches their skills and abilities, and we offer classes that explore their unique talents to spark their interest. In addition to the standard curriculum dictated by the State of Texas, we offer the following courses and programs to assist parents in forming the students into young women leaders who are guided by Faith, Justice, Community, and Respect.

Faith Development

High school is a time of growth, when students are looking toward their future and where their studies will take them. It is a time where students start considering their vocation, and our religion classes aim to guide the young women through this process. The first years of High School focus on the Church’s teaching where students read Bible stories and Parables, the Pope’s Encyclicals, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. As girls approach their last years at Loretto, they are assigned different projects that help them understand what it is to live a Catholic life outside of a Catholic school and put their faith in action through works of mercy and discussing important and relevant social justice issues. Girls also explore different vocations, both in the clergy and laity, by interviewing them to learn about their vocation. This helps the students in the decision-making process as they go on to future endeavors.

Service Learning

Service learning has always been a major part of our curriculum. It is a method of teaching that integrates community service, teaches responsibility, and brings the community together. Through service learning, we instill a generous and giving heart in our students. We teach them how important it is to give to those who are less fortunate than them. We show them that even when we do not have money or material things to give, we can offer our time, talent, and prayers to help those in need.

Each year, classes choose a nonprofit organization or cause in the El Paso and Juarez community and serve them throughout the academic year by volunteering their time, giving donations, and by hosting events. Learn more about the students’ service learning projects here.


Math courses at Loretto Academy are comprehensive and challenging. Rigorous PSAT/SAT preparation is implemented in every math class, where the success and understanding of every student is priority. Our diverse science courses include Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Principles of Technology, Anatomy and Physiology of Human Systems, Human Pathophysiology, and Introduction to Forensic Science.

By partnering with Microsoft through T.E.A.L.S. initiative, Microsoft Engineers co-teach Computer Science and AP Computer Science with our own C.S. teacher


The high school art programs feature a competitive curriculum that motivate young women to be expressive and push the boundaries of their artistic abilities. Loretto’s art program features different enrichment and elective courses, and AP level classes. Annually, the high school hosts the International Extravaganza, where girls make beautiful dresses out of recycled materials.


The high school music program introduces students to various instruments, including the ukulele, guitar, and piano. Students can also take voice class and be part of Loretto’s beautiful high school show choir. With harmonizing voices, the young women sing at special masses and events, including their own show choir performance each semester.


Loretto Academy is home to newly renovated, state-of-the-art Little Theater. Our award-winning TAPPS Theater Company, Angels in the Wings, performs three different plays: a one-act show in the fall, a spring play, and a spring musical. The theater is also home of Loretto’s High School Drama Club, and the International Thespian Society.


Loretto Academy’s famous Orchesis dance club is one of Loretto’s longest standing student organization. It has earned a reputation for being a competitive dance group. The Orchesis girls perform at various school and city events, including the Diocesan Raffle, the All-Academy Mass, and other charity events.

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Support Loretto

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